The name says it all – Joie de Vin winkle out the very best wines from across France to ensure we can all share in the joy of wine.

About this Event

Join Richard, Laura and Heather of Love Wine festivals for our next online wine tasting – this time focusing on wines from Joie de Vin.

Tim and Jill of Joie de Vin specialise in seeking out small producers, making wines in a sustainable way – wines that the French usually keep for themselves.

Joie de Vin have been a big hit with visitors at all of our Love Wine festivals, so come and join us for a taste of some of their most popular selections.

There are two options for joining this tasting:

1. A £30 per household ticket will get you into the Zoom virtual tasting, and we will send you 100ml bottles (that’s a tasting sample for two people) of the six Joie de Vin wines.

2. A £10 per household ticket will give you access to the tasting on Zoom. You have the option to buy full bottles (750ml) of the six wines from Joie de Vin at a generous 15% discount off the regular price.

The six wines that we’ll be tasting on the evening are:

  • Domaine de La Chaise Touraine Sauvignon Blanc – £13.95
  • Chateau de Marjolet Viognier,Rhone Valley – £13.75
  • Domaine Salmon Pinot Gris, Loire Valley – £14.95
  • Domaine Pampres d’Or Pinot Noir, Coteaux Bourguignons – £14.95
  • Domaine Trilles Initiation, Cotes du Roussillon – £13.95
  • Domaine de Bon Remede Vignes Rousses, Ventoux – £14.50

As always, you must be over 18 to join any of our events.

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